Memorial Day 2019: A Brief Overview Of Its Activities, Sales, and Celebrations

Memorial Day 2019 is a US government holiday, celebrated to remember those, who worked in the armed forces and died while serving. In 1882, the day was known as Decoration Day. The US government took this name into account just because of the decorations of the military cemetery and graveyards. But consequently, after a few time, the name changed into Memorial Day. Memorial Day 2019 is celebrated on Monday, 28th May. As it always falls on the last Monday of May.

Ex-president Bill Clinton signed the National Moment of Remembrance Act on 28th December 2000. In this Act, it was mention to introduce a moment of silence to pay honor to the Nation’s Heroes who died while fighting for Nation. This Moment of Remembrance is observed on 3 pm on the Memorial Day. It is expected to be observed on Memorial Day 2019 as well.

Do not confuse Memorial Day with Veteran Day.

Why Veteran’s Day 2019 Is Different then Memorial Day 2019?

Veteran’s Day 2019 is a day which takes place and being celebrated to pay respect to the veterans who died while serving or after their serving period. But we celebrate Memorial Day to remember the people who worked in armed forces for the United States and died while serving.

A Skimming History of Memorial Day

Here are some titbits as a short overview of memorial day 2019:

  • In the beginning, the only purpose to celebrate this day was to pay honor to those who lost while fighting the Civil War.
  • But then the United States’s government changed this policy and decided to celebrate this day in the honor of every person who died in any war while serving the United States.
  • For many years, people observed Memorial Day on May 30, but in 1968, Congress passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Act.
  • And after that, we observe Memorial Day on the last Monday of May. They implemented the change in 1971. This law also declared this day as a federal holiday.

How Memorial Day 2019 Is going to be Celebrated?

As it is a government holiday, many people will take off from their jobs, and at many workplaces and offices, there will be a three days weekend. There is always a Memorial Day Concert, which takes place on every Memorial Day. At 3 pm, the country falls silent while the National Moment of Remembrance takes place.

Thousands of parades will also be going to take place across the country. Sticking to their old traditions, people will put flowers on the soldiers’ graves. The graves are usually decorated with the US flags, every grave with a waving flag. And on the Memorial Day 2019, people are going to visit the graves of their relatives and pay their respects by putting flowers and lighting candles.

Rolling Thunder on Memorial Day 2019

On Memorial Day 2019, AMVETs is going to host a certain ceremony at Peaceful Acres Cemetery. But this year they have claimed to celebrate the ceremony in a different way. The ceremony is going to take place with six canons getting fired instead of a traditional 21-gun salute.

They have named this new addition in their ceremony as Rolling Thunder. The cannons will fire black powder only and the whole event will be free of cost. So that every person could experience the Rolling Thunder especially those who haven’t seen it. Basically, they organized this event to pay homage to the soldiers.

Dutchtown High Going To Play In Memorial Day Parade in D.C.

60 students are invited to play music on Memorial Day 2019 parade in Washington D.C. These students belong to the Dutchtown High school. They are going to play military songs about the US and the soldiers. They will get the opportunity to visit the museums and also they will listen to the National Symphony Orchestra. The American Veteran Centre and World War II Veterans Committee organized this parade.

There are Exciting Discounts On Different Brands That You Can Enjoy! 

It is a very common tradition that many brands offer discounts on major events. And it is getting more appreciation every year.
  • As more and more people approach for discounts in different stores.
  • Many eating places such as restaurants, cafés etc. also provide discounts on different food items.
  • Many clothing brands sell their gift bags at discounted prices while they attract a large number of people.

So, don’t miss the Memorial Day 2019 sales as it won’t come every day 🙂

How to Spend Memorial Day 2019?

If you have no plans for Memorial Day 2019, and your company gave you an off-day, and you don’t have anyone to visit their graves. Then you can sit back at home and relax while watching Mexico playing with Wales at Rose Bowl as a final tune-up for World Cup. If you are not a sports fan, you can go out and spectate one of those parades taking place across the country.

People usually plan to throw parties and do Barbeque gatherings. As it is an off day for people of United States from their workplaces. And also it is the start of the summer. So people plan a lot of gatherings and visit their family and friends by sneaking some time away from their daily busy routines. After all, people tend to enjoy the three days long weekend every year.

How People Spent Memorial Day In Previous Years?

People celebrated previous Memorial Days with great honor and patriotism. The patriotism for this special day is still present in the hearts of the American citizens. And is increasing every year. People celebrated it by decorating the cemeteries consisting the graves of the soldiers and by enjoying different deals in stores.

What This Website Will Offer?
Through this website, you are going to know more about Memorial Day, its history and its future. As day by day, the way of celebrating this day is getting more and more improved. People find different ways to celebrate this day. The patriotic ones celebrate it by watching parades and visiting cemeteries. While some sit at home and relax the day off. Many people run to the stores for getting discounts and sales on their favorite products. How are you planning to spend this special Memorial Day 2019?