Decoration Day and Its Brief History

Well, you must have heard a lot about the word Memorial day. But you must not be familiar with the term Decoration Day. This article is all about the Decoration day, and it’s history that when did this term evolved into the Memorial Day. It’s not the day to say Happy Memorial Day it’s the time to remember the War martyrs.

History of Decoration Day

Decoration day is a time for the people to visit the graves of their loved ones. However, people decorate the graves with flowers.The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) General John Logan introduced this day on 5th May 1868. And this celebration emerged three years after the Civil War.

However, General James Garfield gave the first speech of this day at the Arlington National Cemetery. At this time 5000 people helped in the process of decoration.

When was the name Decoration day changed to Memorial Day?

Furthermore, Memorial Day and Decoration day might confuse you. However, both convey the same meaning. It is an American holiday. People celebrate this day on every last Monday of May. They pay tribute to the ones who sacrificed their lives for others. The Decoration day celebrations started after Civil War. In 1971 People had an official holiday. They changed the name after that year too. Whereas it is compulsory for the president or the vice president to give an honoring speech. This is a tribute to the soldiers. They lay a wreath on the Tomb of an unknown.

They chose this day because flowers bloom in the month of May

The Decoration Day schedule

Apart from the U.S some of the Southern states have a different schedule for the celebration of this day.

1- In Texas it is celebrated on 19th January
2- Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi celebrates the day on 26th of April
3-  South California celebrates it on 10th of May
4-  Louisiana and Tennessee celebrate it on 3rd of June.

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