Happy Memorial Day, Right To Say It Or Not?

Whenever we talk about the Memorial Day the first thing that comes to mind is “celebrations”. Some already have plans for this day.While others celebrate it by greeting each other and saying “happy memorial day”. However, they are unfamiliar with the fact is that this day is not for the celebrations.

Short History of Memorial Day Before We Discuss “Happy Memorial Day”

Before advancing to understand the reasons for why we should not say happy memorial day, we should have a brief overview of history to understand its importance in a better way.

Most notably, the Memorial Day aka Decoration Day became a yearly event on 30th May. However, Grand Army of the Republic General John A. Logan, declared this day. Memorial day was established on 5th May 1868.


President Barack Obama’s gave a speech on Memorial day. He said they chose this day because the flowers bloom in this season!


As a result, all the 50 states celebrated this day on the last Monday of the month of May. Under the Act passed by Congress, this day became the federal holiday.

Memorial day is for the ones who never return home!
happy memorial day
It’s not the day to say “Happy Memorial Day” it’s the time to remember the War martyrs.

The Difference Between Memorial And Veterans Day

While talking about the dead soldiers. People might mix it up with the veterans day. Veterans day is all about remembering the ones who served the country in every way possible. However memorial day is a depressing day.  It pays tribute to only those who died while serving the country.

Hence it is not a happy day. Therefore saying “happy memorial day” is not right.

Reasons why not to say Happy Memorial day

There could be a lot of reasons for not wishing “happy memorial day” to others considering its history. Memorial day is originated from the Southern roots. However, on this day the families usually visit the cemeteries to pay tribute to their ancestors.

Furthermore, it is considered more as a religious event where the families attend the religious events and ceremonies and the food is served. So, therefore, the Memorial Day is something very prestigious and a serious event. Because it is the day of the remembrance of those who gave their lives for the state’s freedom. So wishing “happy memorial day” to the families who have lost their loved ones could be wrong.

I hope that this article explained the reasons well for you. And you better understand that why we should not wish happy memorial day anyone.

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