Interested To Know What Happened On Memorial Day 2015?

Well for all those looking forward to knowing more about Memorial Day 2015, it’s the right spot. This article is a blend of all those activities that took place on a Memorial Day 2015. This will serve it’s best to give reasonable answers to your queries. Therefore, stay connected for more details.

We all have a little know-how about what happens on this day. However, the only reason it is special for the nation is that of the sacrifice the military people gave for the freedom of a nation. People celebrate this day by decorating the memorials and cemeteries of the martyrs. Therefore considering three years back, Memorial Day 2015 fell on Monday on 25th of May. Most notably this was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Memorial Day 2015

Important events of Memorial Day 2015

Most of all, are you looking forward to the important events that took place on this day? Some of the events were good and few were worse. 
Well, here’s a brief overview of the natural Calamities that hit the nation in 2015.

Memorial Day flood 2015 Austin
On Memorial Day 2015 one of the drastic floods, however, hit the boundaries of Central Texas. Whereas one of the major reasons was especially the heavy rainfall. Furthermore, it caused destructive flooding throughout Austin, Wimberley,
and San Marcos and left many destroyed homes.

According to Governor Abbott, it was one of the highest floods recorded in the history of the state of Texas.

As a result of this dreadful flood, almost four people lost their lives. One from Texas and three from Oklahoma. However, almost 30 were missing in Hays County.

Memorial Day flood 2015 Houston

Most Notably this was also one of the biggest natural calamity that took place on a Memorial Day 2015. However, it was another chapter in the history of the floods.

According to the Harris County Flood, Control District heavy rainfall fell at Brays Bayou and Beltway 8.Furthermore, this area had 10 inches of heavy rainfall for six hours on May 25 and 26. And unfortunately, 8 people lost their lives in the storm.

         “In addition, this flood was the fourth-worst flood in Houston”

This was the brief overview of the events that took place on a Memorial Day 2015. I hope this article was helpful enough for adding much to your knowledge.

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