Memorial Day Decorations for Last Minute

We can understand all the busy and heavy work routine before the long weekend of Memorial Day. You never get to find enough time to decorate your house for this patriotic occasion. But now, you don’t need to worry anymore, we have all got it covered for you here.

Here are some last minute Memorial Day decorations you can try.

Memorial Day Decorations


Last Minute Memorial Day Decorations

  • You can look for something DIY and crafty.
  • You can make homemade flag of America from the patches of different clothes. It looks personalized and shows warmth to the visitors.
  • You can make spinning paper fans to attach them on your lawn fence. They can make your house have Memorial Day vibes from the outside too.
  • You can make a paper or cloth Memorial Day wreath and attach it on your main door too.
  • Here is another idea about decorating your lawn: instead of decorating the fence you can also paint the grass. You can paint blue and red stars on the grass to give it that patriotic symbol. Plus it attracts the kids and pets as well.
  • Another idea is to paint the wall. Yes, you can paint the flag of America on the wall or the map of the US.
  • If you are hosting a lunch or dinner on Memorial Day, use the American flag themed table clothes to give it the whole patriotic look.
  • You can also try decorating the candles by giving them a military look by using the nail paint and painting it all over the glass candle-holders.

And just like that, there are thousands of ideas to decorate your house on Memorial Day on budget, especially at the last minute. We hope you liked the ideas shared above. Tell us by commenting below how are you going to celebrate your Memorial Day.

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