Memorial Day Facts

Memorial Day is a public holiday to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers. Here are some interesting facts about Memorial Day.

  • The flag of the US is flown to the half pole till noon and to the full post after noon till the evening on Memorial Day.
  • Many US states like Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Louisiana, North Carolina and South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, and Mississippi being the former Confederate states celebrate Confederate Memorial Day, which is celebrated on other months ranging from January to June.
  • During the Civil war, more Americans lost their lives as compared to the two World Wars combined.
  • On Memorial Day, it is a common tradition to place flags along with flowers at the graves of the soldiers in the cemetery. More than usual people visit the cemeteries every year on Memorial Day.
  •  President Johnson called Waterloo in New York as an original place of Memorial Day in 1966.
  • Approximately over 30 million people travel across the country by the car on Memorial Day.   
  • Also, there was a law passed by Congress in 2000, in which people need to stop what they are doing on Memorial Day at 3 pm and remember the fallen soldiers for a while.
  • Way more than 600,000 soldiers died in Civil War on both sides.
  • The origin of Memorial Day is still not known and is a subject of debate for many years.
  • Sometimes people confuse Memorial Day with Veteran’s Day, but here is for your understanding that Memorial Day is celebrated to pay tribute to the soldiers who died while fighting for the country, whereas Veteran’s Day is celebrated to pay respect to the vets as well as martyred soldiers.

So these were some facts about Memorial Day. If you want to know about updates and activities about Memorial Day 2019, check out the link.


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