Memorial Day Flag: Its Importance on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the most important holiday for all the patriotic citizens across the entire United States. Everyone seem to be looking for the ideas to celebrate this day with full spirit. Most of the people go for the flowers to put on the graves at the cemetery or to exchange with the families of the martyrs. But there is something else that is being bought and sold even more than the flowers on Memorial Day, Yes, you guessed it right: Memorial Day flag.

Memorial Day Flag

Memorial Day flag is usually flied at half pole until noon, and then from afternoon to evening it is flied at the full pole.
Everyone seems to be crazy to buy flags on Memorial Day, to decorate their houses, vehicles and work places. You will surely see a flag flying over the roofs of buildings. Some people get more creative with it and wear it as shirt or scarf. Some make a wreath out of it. Some use small flags to decorate their vehicles while some also use flag badges to pin them on their shirts.
Those who don’t buy the actual flags, you can even find the flag painted over their walls or in their streets. There are many ways to use flags on Memorial Day. Usually people place them on the graves of the martyred soldiers. But many people even make the flag shaped desserts on Memorial Day too. Many restaurants offer flag shaped cakes, cookies and what not.
So American flag on Memorial Day is worth buying to keep the patriotism high.

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