Want To Know About MLK Day 2019

Have we been hearing about different holidays like Memorial Day right? MLK Day, however, is an addition to those holidays. MLK stands for Martin Luther King holiday.As people celebrate it at the start of the year so now people will search for the MLK Day 2019.
Do you know that why people celebrate this holiday? If yes great! If No this article will therefore, help you out to know more about MLK Day 2019.

Why People Celebrate MLK Day

You might wonder that people celebrate MLK holiday.MLK is an abbreviation of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It is an official Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. On this day there is a federal holiday. Its celebration has some historic value.
luther King was the chief spokesperson for the nonviolent activism in the Civil Rights Movement.
This was a successful protest against the racial discrimination in federal and state law.
However, the King was killed in 1968. So people started to celebrate that day in the honor of the King. Furthermore,  this holiday became a law in 1983. And this holiday was signed by President Ronald Reagan.

For some reasons, some of the states did not agree on the federal holiday. They gave it different names and combined it with the other holidays.But consequently, in 2000 for the very first time, it was observed in all the 50 states.

Do You Know When MLK Takes Place?

Before we talk about the MLK Day 2019 we should know that when people celebrate this day. Well since it’s the birthday of the king so it is celebrated on the same date every year. However, it is observed on the third Monday of January. It is somehow near to the 15th January which is the King’s Birthday.

Furthermore, this holiday is just like the other holidays under the Uniform Monday Holiday Act. According to the calendar, the earliest Monday for this holiday is January 15 and the latest Monday is January 21.

MLK Day 2019

Since it’s almost the mid of the year 2019 so people already have celebrated the MLK day. But talking about the MLK Day 2019 people will celebrate it on the 21st of January. However, according to the calendar, this is going to be the third Monday of the Month.

Holiday On MLK Day 2019

However, It said that there will be a federal holiday on MLK Day 2019. Since 2007 there has been a 2% increase. 33% of the employees take a day off from their work. Well, the observance of the holiday is much more popular among the non-profit organizations and least popular among factories and manufacturers.

In addition to that many of the schools and places of the higher education will be closed on MLK Day 2019. However, some of them will remain open. But they will hold seminars and celebrations of the King’s message.

Furthermore, on MLK Day 2019 some of the colleges and universities will extend their Christmas break to include this day as a part of the break.Whereas some of the manufacturers and factories use MLK Day as a long weekend.

What People Can Do On MLK Day 2019

People celebrate this holiday with great passion every year. Every person tries to be a part of this celebration.Well for the MLK Day 2019 you can plan a number of activities that you could perform on this day.
1- However, the children can look for different printable activities and craft ideas to use them in classrooms.
2- This day is seen as an opportunity to promote equal rights for all the Americans apart from their background.
3- Some of the educational institutions celebrate the day by teaching their students about the work of Martin Luther King.
4-  According to the federal legislation, they have encouraged Americans to play their part as volunteers in the citizen action groups.
5- Some special event will take place on MLK Day 2019. Just like in New York, a free public program  featured a performance by Grammy and Tony Award winner Jennifer Holliday

Are you Ready For The MLK Day 2019 Sales?

As we know that it is the time of the winter and is a federal holiday too. So, this is the moment to grab your wallets and get ready for the interesting online sales and offers. Here are some of the brands that are offering special discounts that you could avail on MLK Day 2019.

1- Sephora

So, you can get up to 50% off on Sephora products.  You can get special discount on the following products.
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2- Wayfair

You can get 70% off on the Wayfair products.

1- KitchenAid 5 Qt. Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield, $329 (normally $460).
2- Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender and Chopper, $37 (normally $60).
3- Alwyn Home 400 Thread Count Striped Sheet Set, $44 (normally $98).

However, Amazon has come up with 53%off on the products for the MLK Day 2019.
1-POWER Essential Oil Diffuser and Mist Humidifier, $19 (normally $40)
2-Anker Soundbuds Slim Wireless Headphones, $19 (normally $25)

MLK Day Awards

Every year award ceremony, however, takes place in the honor of Martin Luther King.  These awards are usually known now as the Annual MLK Day Celebrations- DreamKeepers Awards 2017. Furthermore, these Dreamkeepers present the national award at Ottawa City Hall.

This DreamKEEPERS Life Achievement Award is a glass, gold-blasted and desk-top memorial. Thus this award is given annually, on the occasion of Martin Luther King Day celebrations in the Nation’s capital. Thus it is given to an individual or individuals or organization which have considered themselves to be a role model in Canada and beyond. Furthermore, these are the ones who promoted in their lifetime the principles, of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.
So, I hope that this article was helpful enough to know more about the MLK Day 2019.

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