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Memorial Day Facts

Memorial Day is a public holiday to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers. Here are some interesting facts about Memorial Day. The flag of the US is flown to the half pole till noon and to the full post after noon till the evening on Memorial Day. Many US states like Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Louisiana, […]

Veterans Wheelchair in 2019

Many veterans survive and live their lives peacefully after retirement. Although uninjured or maybe sometimes finding themselves living the rest of the life on wheelchairs. But that is the charm of living life while calling oneself a veteran. Not hiding the scars but wearing them as a pride. In this article, we are going to […]

Camera for Instagram

Are you also looking for a perfect camera for Instagram? With the increasing production of cameras, it is getting difficult to know, which camera to buy. Many people buy the camera and then later find out that their chosen camera is lacking the required features. That is why it is getting necessary to read the […]