Things To Do On Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a holiday that is being celebrated to pay respect and tribute to all the fallen soldiers who ever fought for the country. As the Memorial Day comes right after the weekend on the last Monday of May, that weekend is called as the long weekend comprising of three holidays.


But the problem arises when people can’t decide what to do on this long weekend that comes after a long hectic routine. So here in this article, we are going to share with you some things you can perform or participate in, on Memorial Day.

Watch Memorial Day Parade

Its fun to stay at home, relax and watch everything thing on TV. So keep watching the TV for patriotic shows and done miss Memorial Day Parade.

Visit Beach

Its always fun to visit beach but if its done on a special day then your visit is special too. If you wish to do some activity then dont spare the world from your vibes. Go and hit the beach on this Memorial Day. You may find some special arrangements there.

Catch Summer Fireworks

Catching fireworks of Chicago is never easy. But if you are there then this will be a long lasting memory. You can also keep an eye on live steaming sites or TV to catch it live.

Bike Around the city

Its cool enough to see what city is doing on memorial day. You will see pleasant scenes on every street and roads full of patriotism. If you want to feel what this nation is made of then get out and see the city.

Memorial Day Sales

Many brands offer special sales on this day with the tag line of Memorial Day Sales. Don’t miss the opportunity and fill your shopping cravings. But before leaving you might want to read more about memorial day, Keep exploring our site and dont forget to leave a comment.

Visit Nearest Famous Cemetery

Main theme of this day is to refresh the memories of the heroes. Best way to do this is to visit their graves and pray for them and may be leave some flowers there.

Memorial Day Celebrations

When May starts, we can already start hearing about all the hype about Memorial Day. Different brands offer Memorial Day discounts and restaurants offer Memorial Day deals. So at that time of the month, it is really wise to avail such offers. So if you are planning to dine out or to go shopping, what else can be the right day to do that?

Then if you are patriotic enough and have been waiting for the arrival of this day since the start of the New Year, let’s do some justice to that waiting. You can go to the cemeteries to pay tribute to the soldiers, may be bring some flowers and flags to put on their graves. You can visit their families and share flowers. You can also spend the day out visiting the military museums to freshen the memories of the soldiers. You can also participate in the different parades and walks that are held especially to enrich the spirit of that day.

But what if you are not the outgoing person and want to rest out the day? Well, you can also celebrate the Memorial Day by staying at home. You can watch different TV shows related to the Memorial Day and the soldiers.  Otherwise you can also spend time with your family and hang out with your friends.

Comment below by telling us how you usually spend your long weekend. Also check out this another article about Memorial Day Facts.

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