All You Need To Know About Veterans Day 2019

Before getting into the Veterans Day 2019. Let’s first discuss a little background of Veterans Day. Veterans Day is an official holiday of United States of America. People celebrate it to pay honor to the soldiers who worked or are still working in the military and providing their services for the prosperity of the country. In this article, you are going to know about the upcoming Veterans Day 2019.

Do not confuse Veterans Day with Memorial Day. As Memorial Day is the holiday for the people who served the military and died while serving it.  Whereas Veterans Day is celebrated for the people who died while serving as well as for those who served and retired. And also for those who are still serving.

Veterans Day 2019

So let’s talk about the Veterans Day 2019. As Veterans Day is always celebrated on 11th of November, this Veterans Day 2019 is also coming on November 11, 2019. So tighten your belts, for this event, because never do any event goes away without leaving any memories.

So to create your own memories, what have you planned to do this Veterans Day 2019? Or what are your traditions to pay honor and tribute to the military servants?

A Few Historical Facts Before We Move Further

We are not getting into the details. But let’s get to know the important traditions about Veterans Day.

  • Congress made it the National Holiday in 1938. Before that, there were only some of the formal ceremonies that occur on this day.
  • Originally its name was Armistice Day.
  • It was first meant to pay tribute to those who served in World War I.
  • Veterans day is not the day of mourning, instead, it is for celebrations and honor for the people who served the country whether living or dead.

How Is Veterans Day 2019 Going To Be Celebrated?

The Veterans Day is still celebrated with the same patriotism and love for the country. And the Veterans Day 2019 is also going to be celebrated the same way.

Veterans Day National Ceremony

On this Veterans Day 2019, the Veterans Day National Ceremony will occur at Arlington National Cemetery as always. This ceremony occurs almost every year and usually commences at 11 a.m. The ceremony continues in the Memorial Amphitheater where soldiers participate in a parade of flags.

Honor To The Soldiers

All the military servants who supported the country in its thick and thin are going to be thanked for their courage and efforts. Politicians will do the speeches and people will perform different awarding ceremonies across the countries for the living and the dead.

Many parades would occur across the country and people will participate among them. And they will spread awareness among the country and pay honor to the soldiers.

If you want to join these parades, keep an eye on the news channels and contact your area authorities to become a part of such campaigns.

What You Can Do On Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a federal holiday. Everybody celebrate the day, the way they like to. Many people go out and participate in ceremonies as well as in the parades. While many sit at home with their big bowls of noodles and watch the TV shows about Veterans Day, and witness all of the ceremonies on News channels.

You can also celebrate the Veterans Day 2019 in the same way. Or you can go out to see those far-away family members whom you haven’t got the chance to visit in months. Many food cafes and restaurants give exclusive deals for the whole week of Veterans Day. Even many clothing and household brands give different discounts on the Veterans Day. You can also run to grab these deals and discounts from different brands.

So there are many ways to enhance your days and make the memories on this glorious day. All depends on you, that how you want to celebrate this day. And to pay honor to the dead and alive serving men and women of the military. So what are your plans this year?

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