Want To Have A Brief Insight Into The Memorial Day 2016?

For all the people out there searching the internet to know about the Memorial Day 2016.
This is the right place for them where they could look for all the possible events that took place two years back. 

Memorial Day 2016

When was Memorial Day 2016?

According to the Memorial Day calendar, the Memorial Day 2016 was celebrated on the last Monday of May. This Monday However fell on 30th May.

Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day?

Moreover, before heading towards two year back activities, do you have any idea why do we celebrate Memorial Day? If yes! Great. If No! here you’ll get to know that why do we celebrate Memorial Day. People celebrate this day by placing flowers, flags, and wreaths on the memorials and cemeteries of the military soldiers. Furthermore, these soldiers gave their lives for the protection of freedom of the people.

Therefore, people celebrate this day on every last Monday of the month of May. Everyone enjoy the federal holiday every year.However, people consider it as the long weekend of the month.People watch the national Parades and enjoy the weekend.

Memorial Day Vs Veterans Day

However, some people mix Memorial Day with the Veterans Day. You should not confuse these terms. Because both have different meanings and specifications.Therefore, this article will help you to clear your confusions.

Most notably there is a basic distinction between these two days. However, people celebrate Memorial Day in the honor of those who died in the battle. Whereas people celebrate the Veterans Day,  in the honor of those who ever served in any battle. Dead or alive is not the concern.

Memorial Day Facts
Therefore, this is much about Memorial Day 2016. Here’s the reason why you should be interested in Memorial Day 2018. However, some of the facts have been listed below.

1- It’s predicted that approximately 32 million people travel by car over Memorial Day weekend.

2- The Indianapolis 500 auto race is always held over Memorial Day weekend. 

3- About 5,000 people attended a ceremony at Arlington Cemetery on memorial day weekend.

4- Cities like New York hold parades on Memorial Day while places like Washington, D.C., hold concerts.

5- Some people wear red poppies on Memorial Day to honor soldiers who have died.

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