What Day Is Memorial Day In 2019?

Memorial Day is a national day for US. This article is going to answer what day is Memorial Day. It is the time for the people to visit the graves of their loved ones. However, people decorate the graves with flowers to pay honor and tribute to the men and women who died while fighting for the country in armed forces.


What Day Is Memorial Day In 2019?

Short History Of Memorial Day 

The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) General John Logan introduced this day on 5th May 1868. And this celebration emerged three years after the Civil War. However, General James Garfield gave the first speech of this day at the Arlington National Cemetery. At this time 5000 people helped in the process of decoration. You can also read the history of memorial day in this article.

What Day Is Memorial Day And Month

People are really concerned about what day is Memorial Day in 2019. However, considering the Memorial Day 2019 which will be celebrated on the 28th of the May on Monday, people are waiting for this long weekend.

People celebrate it by decorating the cemeteries consisting the graves of the soldiers and by enjoying different deals in stores. Apart from visiting the graves of the loved ones, who sacrificed their lives for others, people, therefore, make their plans to go out or have a family gathering. People also spectate different parades across the country.

What Is Being Done On This Day?

If you have no plans for 2019, and your company gave you an off-day. And you don’t have anyone to visit their graves. Then you can sit back at home and relax while watching Mexico playing with Wales at Rose Bowl as a final tune-up for World Cup. You can also check the schedule for 2019 Memorial Day Weekend to have an idea of how you can spend this day and enjoy it. If you are not a sports fan, you can go out and see one of those parades taking place across the country.

Hope this article answered the question what day is Memorial Day?!

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