What Is Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is a day that is celebrated all across the United States to pay tribute to the martyred soldiers who gave away their lives fighting for the country.

Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday of May every year, as the Memorial Day this year is about to come on 27th May 2019. As this day comes after a weekend as an additional holiday, then people call that particular weekend as the long weekend.

What Is Memorial Day

When May starts, people wait desperately for this long weekend. They plan all the activities in advance, while different brands and restaurants already start showing their advertisements about different discounts and sales.

Different press conferences start taking place when the day begins. Different Memorial Day parades are held in which many patriotic citizens participate. Many people exchange flowers with the families of the martyred soldiers. While others visit cemeteries and pay tribute and respect to the dead soldiers.

Many people are seen enjoying their long weekend by availing restaurant deals as well as shopping discounted products. Many people stay at home to watch Memorial Day TV programs or just to Barbecue with friends and family. Every channel on the TV is seen paying tribute to the soldiers through showing documentaries, movies or just new stories.

Memorial Day is often confused with the Veteran’s Day, due to its similarity. But here to rise above the confusion, you should know that the Memorial Day is celebrated to pay tribute to only the dead soldiers. But Veteran’s Day is celebrated to pay tribute to the currently-serving soldiers as well as the dead one.

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