When is Memorial Day? How Can You Schedule It?

People start showing up their concern for Memorial Day at the beginning of May. They search to find out the answer to their question “When Is Memorial Day?” They might find the relevant answers to their question.But this article has almost everything that could serve as the best answer to the question  “When Is Memorial Day”.

When Is Memorial Day? An overview!

We will have a brief overview of the history before heading to the answer to the question “When Is Memorial Day”. Here you go:

  • American citizens began paying tribute to the soldiers of the wars by the 1860’s the.
  • Not only the Civil war but all the wars that took place in the U.S.
  • This day was Memorial Day.
  • During the World War 1, the commemoration of paying tribute to the war soldiers was started.
  • Each and every citizen celebrated this day. There’s a federal holiday on every Memorial Day.

Traditionally, the government waves the flag of the country at the half-mast till 12 noon. It is a sign of distress and mourns. Whereas people then visit the cemeteries and the memorials for the remembrance of their loved ones. However many of the volunteers place the National flags on the graves of the martyrs.


When is Memorial Day

When is Memorial Day

When Is Memorial day celebrated in past 5 years

Considering this National day the celebrations of the Memorial day takes place on every last Monday of the month of May. This celebration is usually an unofficial start of the summer season.

As we already know that the celebration of this day is fixed.  Memorial Day 2019 will take place on 27th of May. We can compare the question “When Is Memorial Day” with past five years when this celebration took place.

Memorial Day 2017

People celebrated it on 29th of May keeping in mind the last Monday of the month.

 Memorial Day 2016

These celebrations took place on Monday 30th May.

Memorial Day  2015

People celebrated this day on 25th May, month’s last Monday.

Memorial Day 2014

People celebrated this day on 26th May, month’s last Monday. 

Memorial Day 2013

This year the commemoration of the Memorial Day or the Decoration Day fell on 23rd of May on Monday.

When Is Memorial Day, Finally?

Here you will find the answer to your question “when is Memorial Day” after having an overview of the past five years. Memorial Day is a well known day but is different from the Veterans Day. However, on this day families decorate the graves of their loved ones and the soldiers who sacrificed their lives during and before the American civil war. Furthermore, on this day there’s a public holiday and people take three days off from work and schools as well.However, people celebrate this day by paying tribute to the martyrs of not only the Civil war but all the wars.

Since Memorial Day is a National Day so it is celebrated on a fixed date every year. Followed by the weekend, Memorial Day is celebrated on May every year. Usually, it is called the long weekend. Therefore the answer to the frequently asked question When is Memorial Day is, the Memorial Day this year will be celebrated on the 27th of May on Monday.

Why Should You Be Interested In When Is Memorial Day?

The reason for your ultimate interest in When Is Memorial Day is because of the long weekend. This is the best thing about the month. Secondly, the different events increase the excitement of this day.

  • The most interesting thing about this day is the National Parade. It takes place on every Saturday of the Memorial Day weekend. However, almost everyone participates. It includes the military people and the members of the veteran organization.
  • Most of the people wait for this day anxiously. They visit the cemeteries and memorials of their loved ones.
  • People are more excited about this day.The National Day concert takes place at the west lawn of the United States Capitol. It is broadcasted all over the country.
  • On this day the Queen of London unveils the war memorial every year. 

Why You Should Be Interested In Memorial Day
Why you should be interested in Memorial day People usually make a lot of plans for the memorial day week. They want to celebrate this unofficial start of the summer in a better way. People are usually excited about this extended holiday celebration. They spend their week by planning how they will spend their three day weekend. However some plan to go out with their family, some plan to have BBQ celebrations, while some decide to watch movies or to go on short trips. I hope after reading this article you got an answer to your question “when is memorial day “

What Will This Website Offer?

Through this website, you are going to know more about When Is Memorial Day, its history and its future. As day by day, the way of celebrating this day is getting more and more improved. People find different ways to celebrate this day. The patriotic ones celebrate it by watching parades and visiting cemeteries. While some sit at home and relax the day off. Many people run to the stores for getting discounts and sales on their favorite products. Additionally, you are going to know more about different events related to this day exclusively on this website. How are you planning to spend this special Memorial Day 2019?