When’s Memorial Day This Year

Well, this is the question frequently asked by most of the people and they go to different websites to get their answers. Guess what..?  you’re at the right place because you’ll get a satisfactory answer to your question “When’s Memorial Day this year”. And how Memorial Day 2019 is going to be.

What If We Start With A Brief History Of The Memorial Day

The way of decorating the graves of the soldiers became a practice before and during the American civil war. However, the annual decorations of these graveyards take place either in late spring or in early summer. Sometimes there is a religious dinner on the grounds which is kind of a feast at the church. Therefore the federal government created the National military cemeteries for the Union war dead.

General John A. Logan issued a notice for the Decoration Day and hence the first Northern memorial day was celebrated on 30 May 1868. Furthermore, there was a shift from just honoring the specific soldiers to the public celebration of the south. As a result, there was a change in the ceremony ’s hymns and speeches represented a change of the custom into a symbol of the cultural rebirth.

What Is Memorial Day?

Before moving to the question when’s Memorial day this year, let’s have a brief overview of the concept of the memorial day.

Most notably, memorial day is a U.S holiday which is celebrated to pay tribute to the martyrs of the U.S military. However, it became an official holiday military in 1971. Not to ignore that it not only honors the martyrs of the civil war. But it also memorializes the military men and women who sacrificed their lives in all the wars of U.S. Memorial Day is a national day so it is celebrated on the same date every year. But when’s Memorial Day this year? It is celebrated on every last Monday of the month of May. Similarly, the Memorial Day this year will be celebrated on the 27th of May, Monday.

How Is Memorial Day Celebrated?

Most notably the most considerable question that comes to one’s mind is about the celebration of the memorial day. (Besides when’s Memorial Day this year?)

On this day people have different celebration schedules. This holiday including schools, some businesses, and government offices as well. However, traditionally the American flag is flown away below the summit of the pole as a symbol of respect and distress. The volunteers place the flag on each grave.  Furthermore, people usually attend picnics, sports events and spend time with their family. There is a long Weekend also celebrated along with all other activities.

However it is to note that every year on Memorial Day the moment of paying regard takes place at 3:00 p.m.

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